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  • Women of Vision Giving Club Grant: Maternity Services

    Women of Vision Giving Club Grant: Maternity Services

  • Women of Vision Giving Club Grant: Riverview Women's Boutique

    Women of Vision Giving Club Grant: Riverview Women's Boutique

  • Women of Vision Giving Club Grant: Touch of Love

    Women of Vision Giving Club Grant: Touch of Love

  • History of Riverview Health Foundation

    History of Riverview Health Foundation

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Our Mission and Vision

Riverview Health Foundation creates meaningful charitable opportunities in support of Riverview Health to advance the community’s health and quality of life now and in the future. Our donors are partners in saving and changing lives in our community through their charitable giving.

Riverview Health Foundation Dollars Support Riverview Health

New technology offers a longer and better quality of life, but carries a high price tag. With Medicare and insurance companies tightening reimbursement policies, philanthropy is more important than ever. Riverview Health Foundation provides funding for new health services, programs and equipment needed by our community. Since the Foundation’s beginning in 1976, more than $13 million has been raised and given to support new equipment and programs serving our patients and their families. Our latest project has been the new MRI Suite at the hospital in Noblesville.

Women of Vision Giving Club
Women of Vision Grants help change the lives of women and children at Riverview Health. See how a few of our grants are making a difference. >>

Riverview Health is the Local Community’s Hospital

Riverview Health is the county hospital for Hamilton County, but doesn’t receive an allocation from the county to support its annual operations. Revenue comes from insurance, Medicare, Medicaid and patient payments. During the past five years, Riverview Health has provided an average of $18 million a year in uncompensated care to residents of Hamilton County.

Your Support is Greatly Appreciated

You can help save and change lives at Riverview Health by making a charitable donation. No matter the size, your gift can be directed toward a medical area that is near and dear to your heart—whether its cancer, cardiology, maternity or the area of greatest need.

Grateful Patient Program

The Grateful Patient Program at Riverview Health provides a meaningful way for patients and their families to thank a Riverview Health staff member who played a special role in their care.

Maybe it was a smile or kind words that brought you or a loved one comfort. Perhaps it was a life-saving procedure or treatment completed without a hitch. Or maybe it was the gentle hug from a nurse that made your child feel safe and secure. A contribution—large or small—celebrates the person who cared for you while also ensuring that future patients of Riverview Health continue to receive the highest level of care you experienced in your journey.

Each gift will be acknowledged to the Riverview Health staff member—without any financial disclosure—to let him or her know of your appreciation. If there is someone who truly made a difference in the care you received at Riverview Health, please consider making a gift in honor of that person while letting him or her know how much it meant to you.

Make a gift to recognize a caregiver >>


As a community partner, Riverview Health Foundation is pleased to provide grant and scholarship opportunities for local high school students through the Riverview Health Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Malcolm Bray Medical Scholarship. This scholarship is awarded to a graduating senior from each of the public high schools in Hamilton County wishing to pursue a career in the medical field.